Coaching Academy

Shiv’s Coaching Academy is the Premiere Training Center for rising stars, to develop into world class field hockey players. The training & coaching philosophy is based upon proven, tried and tested methods, in addition to Shiv’s 30 plus years of coaching experience, at all levels of the game. The athletes are guided, one step at a time, systematically through the various stages of the athlete development model.
Shiv’s coaching philosophy:
  • Keep things simple.
  • There is no substitute for basic skills and the correct technique to execute them.
  • Habits – good or bad – make and break the player.
  • Student Athletes need to have fun and learn in every practice.
SCA’s Objective:
  • Develop and refine the basic and advanced skills of the athlete.
  • Develop game understanding and game sense through mini games.
  • Develop athlete confidence through mini games and having fun.
  • Focus more on athlete development rather than competition


SCA Programs

  1. Camps
  2. Clinics
  3. Elite Athlete Training Program