Olympian Carrie Lingo, captain of the US Women’s national team, has played in two world cups and 2008 Beijing Olympic games

Shiv’s coaching style focuses on all aspects of the game from the development of basic skills to the development of the player’s total understanding of the game. Not only did Shiv help our team as a whole, he has also, over the years, provided me with individual attention to develop my personal play. Meeting early in the mornings before going to work, Shiv would take time out of his busy schedule to meet a small group of hockey players to work on technical and tactical skills. Technically I was able to focus on improving tackling and hitting, while tactically utilizing the group setting I was able to work on making quick decisions under pressure. The practices were very precise and goal oriented. Shiv provided limitless feedback that was structured, yet progressive. For example, Shiv is able to remedy technique like footwork and grip, while continually giving feedback that builds on itself at a pace that pushes your game to new levels. Shiv has such a complete understanding of the game he can coach any level from kids who are stepping onto a pitch for the first time to World class players. I would recommend Shiv with the highest regards due to the fact he has improved my game so much, I know he can do it for others.